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All Nations Goes Green Part 2 - Coaches and Players travel to Nepal

The Glacier Trust

Before Christmas, we were contacted by Morgan from The Glacier Trust and we saw the opportunity and responded promptly.

Chatting to Morgan was like chatting to an old friend. His main reason for contacting a volleyball organisation was that in their previous visits to Nepal where they worked in a village, hiked to another, worked and hiked, they found that all of the villages had something in common, that was engaging, fun, unifying, cheap and healthy, Volleyball. All of the villages played volleyball on a centre court which was overlooked by many spectators.

(click image for video)

The Glacier Trust thought that it would be great to link with a group over here in the UK that could complement their projects. We soon pulled together a small group of coaches/players who were prepared to travel to Nepal to do a bit of work and play and coach a bit of volleyball. The group of 5 will travel to Nepal in November for 10 days.

In return for the opportunity, we will be raising funds for the Glacier Trust throughout the year. Already we have had volleyballs and kneepads donated by Betty Varkonyi. We can only take what we can carry on our backs. It should be fun.

Morgan will be on hand at the tournament to advise and talk more about what we can do as individuals.

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