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All Nations Goes Green - Part 1

Last year at the end of the tournament, when people were leaving and saying their goodbyes, I was wrecked, tired, exhausted and happy that the tournament was over and a success, I was approached in the corridor by a still smiling Federica wanting to say thanks and goodbye. However, after the initial hug and before the goodbye she said that she had a complaint. Soften me up and then hit me with a compliant right at the end of the tournament. Thanks.

As it turns out the complaint wasn’t a real complaint but more of a suggestion. Federica waved a collapsible coffee cup in my face and proceeded to tell me about the amount of wastage there is at the tournament and that ‘You should do something about it.’ I said ‘Yes,’ because her enthusiasm was too much to handle at the end of the 4 days and then thought nothing more of it.

I scribble things down about the tournament all throughout the year and have a look at everything starting in December when my real work slows down. Over the Christmas holiday, I put my notes together from notepads, Whatsapp messages, text messages, emails and Facebook messages and start to focus more on the 2018 tournament. The reusable coffee cups was one of the things that I thought was doable and happened to tie in nicely with a conversation that I had with The Glacier Trust about climate change adaptation (more about that later in Part 2).

We get through approx. 3000 tea/coffee drinks during the tournament; all served in disposable, single-use cups. We get through 000’s bottles of water that are supplied in plastic disposable bottles. Surely we could do better than this, but what?

I got to thinking about where I could find a nice, dynamic, forward-thinking local company that cared about the effects of climate change and likes volleyball and sport. A tall order. I remembered being introduced to a couple of years ago and found them to have a good efficient service, so I got in touch.

The largest UK owned marketplace with over 1 million items cheaper than Amazon and a catalogue of over 60 million products, fitted the bill. Speaking to Bertie, the CEO, I knew that this was a company that I wanted to deal with. With a bit of toing and froing have come on board with All Nations 2018, to supply reusable coffee cups and water bottles for players at the tournament. There are a limited number and will be distributed based on registration and payment for the tournament. They are a great company with a fun motivated team, led by a progressive CEO and definitely worth a Facebook and Twitter like and a visit to their website. Thanks, Bertie. Thanks, Flubit.

Flubit also recognise their social responsibility in making sure they focus on delivering an eco-friendly business. All Nations participants can join as elite members free by quoting the promo code (available on registration) and attract even greater discounts on your purchases.

All Nations Goes Green with The Glacier Trust - Part 2

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