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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the tournament.  Individuals can get a wealth of knowledge in a relatively short space of time.  We will have experienced volunteers working who will be happy to mentor anybody looking for more experience..


Court Managers

  • Ensuring (where possible) adherence to the match schedule and liaising with other volunteers, teams and tournament officials to manage deviation.

  • Ensuring that each competing team receives warm-up volleyballs.

  • Ensuring the effective and efficient recording of match scores; other staff will be on hand to assist with centralising these scores, physically and electronically



  • Assisting the referees and other officials in the delivery of a fair and well-officiated game for the competing teams

  • Electronically score the matches

  • Ensuring scores are relayed to the tournament office.

Social Media Team – led by the social media manager.


Game Feed

  • Deliver comprehensive coverage of live and up-to-date competitive matches primarily through the range of Twitter accounts connected to the tournament.

  • Overseeing any matches that are being live-streamed

  • .

Tournament Engagement (following instructions from the social media manager)

  • Engage with players and spectators  (alongside anyone else present) undertaking mini-interviews for Twitter and Facebook live.

  • Capture images of the players involved in these interviews

  • Questions can include: Where are you from and whom are you playing for? How would you describe the tournament? Favourite All Nations memories? Favourite memories from volleyball? Where did you start playing volleyball? What would you like to see at the tournament this year/next year? How did you hear about All Nations?

  • Short game clips and game images

NB: This role may require you to use your own phone/tablet to access tournament social media accounts (mains power sockets are available around the venue if charging becomes necessary).


Match reporting journalist – led by our lead Journalist.  To write match reports throughout each day.


Videographers – led by our lead Videographer


To capture the spirit of the tournament, with the aim of producing a week 1 and week 2 All Nations video and a longer tournament video at the conclusion of the tournament.  There will be an element of post-production editing required for this role.


Photographers – led by our lead photographer.


Game footage showcasing all of the teams as well as team photos.


Photographs capturing the social side of the tournament, focussing on diversity and coming together of nationalities, whilst celebrating individuality. 


Thank you very much for offering to help out at the All Nations this year.  There are always plenty of roles at the tournament and plenty of opportunities to help, learn and to gain new experiences and of course, your contribution will add value to the tournament.



Results team:



  • Results checking and updating:

  • keeping tablets charged

  • Updating website with results

  • Updating the on-site results sheets

  • liaising with the teams






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