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All Nations Volleyball 2024
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the tournament?

A. 8/9/15/16 June 2024

Q2. Where will the tournament be held?

A. University of East London, Sportsdock, University Way, London E16 2RD

Q3. Who can enter?

A. Any player who wants to play for their country of heritage.

Q4. How much will the tournament cost?

A. £75 per player (includes personalised playing shirt)

Q5. How do I pay?

A. Bank transfer (Details sent on email confirmation when you register)

Q6. Do I have to play all 4 days?

A. Your registration fee covers four days and it is up to you how many days you play.

Q7. I can't make both weekends, can I still play?

A. This needs to be sorted out with the coach, to ensure adequate squad sizes. 

Q8. Is there any reduction if I am only able to play one day?

A. No.  There is one fee for the tournament.

Q9. Which Country can I play for?

A. Your place of birth, your parents or grandparents place of birth. 

Q10. How are the teams selected?

A. Enter as an individual, and the coach and organisers make a selection.

Q11. How do I know if I am selected?

A.  Team selection 7th May 2024.

Q12. What time are the matches?

A. A schedule will be printed. 1st game starts at 8.30am and the last game ends at approx.


Q13. Can I play if I am under 18?

A. No, this tournament is for those who have left year 13. (see Junior All Nations tournament if you are in Year 13 or below)

Q14. What are the payment details?

A.  Details will be sent in your confirmation or email. Email

Q15. When do we have to pay?

A. Pay online when you register. Closing date for registration is 30th April 2024.

Q16. What happens if I don't make payment by the 30th April 2024?

A. Your registration will be removed and you will be placed at the end of the waiting list and will then be incur the late fee.

Q17. I have a friend who lives outside of London and they want to play, can they?

A. Yes 

Q18. Will there be any food available?A.

A. Refreshments will be available for sale throughout the tournament. 

Q19. Can we take photographs and videos at the event?

A. Yes if its for personal use.  If the footage is to be used for commercial purposes explicit permission must be sought from the tournament organisers and the University of East London (Venue)

Q20. Will there be any additional team training sessions?

A. This will be up to each team and coach to organise. There will be some All Nations mini-tournaments (mini t's) that squads may enter and use for selection and training.

Q21. What if I am the only person entering representing my country?

A. The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate countries or regions. 

Q22. What if I pay and am not selected?

A.Last day for 100% refunds will be 20th May 2024

Q23. If I am selected and then decide to drop out can I get a refund?

A. Last day for 50% refunds will be 31st May 2024. (zero refunds after this date)

Q24. Do we need to provide playing shirts?

A. No. Numbered personalised playing shirts will be provided for all players.  Players must play in these shirts.

Q25. Do I get to keep the playing shirt?

A. Yes 

Q26. If I have missed the deadline and still want to enter, can I?

A. You will be placed on a waiting list. You may still be able to enter only if your team requires additional players, and does not hit the min squad size of 10 players, however, there will be a late entry surcharge of £10, making the total payable £85.

Q27. What are the sizes of the teams?

A.     We will usually have a maximum team size of 12 that are available each day.

Q28.  What is the standard of the tournament?

A.  The general standard is NVL div 1 and 2, but teams vary.  It is not recommended for beginners or recreational players

Q29.  Will the organisers provide all of the volleyballs?

A.      No.  This year we will provide match balls only and teams will need to provide their own warm up volleyballs.

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