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Coaches at the All Nations do an amazing job.  They have to coordinate a group of players who they don’t know and mould them into a competitive team in a really short space of time.  What an amazing feat and so rewarding. 


We try to allocate coaches to their preferred teams, but in some cases, this is not possible and the second choice is given.  It's always difficult at this tournament to balance court time, with fun and being competitive but it is so important to try to get this balance right.


The main tip that I would give coaches at the tournament is to clarify at the outset what the team wants to achieve and what this will look like.  Everybody pays their money and everybody wants and expects to play. 


We will have snacks and drinks available for coaches throughout the day and we will again be hosting a coach’s dinner before the tournament. 


New coaches will get a wealth of game coaching experience in a short space of time and experienced coaches will have to be on top of their game to cope with the variety of playing styles evident in the tournament.


If you are keen to enter at a coach or as an assistant please follow the link below and complete the coach registration.


Any questions just ask:




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