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Welcome to the 2019 All Nations tournament, the UK's biggest indoor adult Volleyball tournament. This year we again anticipate a huge number of participants, teams and games. We hope you enjoy yourself, play some awesome Volleyball and make many new friendships.

It is all of you that make this tournament so unique and special. We do need your support to help the tournament run smoothly and successfully – please familiarise yourself with the following IMPORTANT INFORMATION:


·         5 warm up balls and match balls will be provided per team.

·         Matches will be the best of 3 sets 25,25,15 (2 clear).

·         One foot is allowed on or over the line when serving (limited space).

·         Matches will start 8 minutes after the last game finishes. (please be ready)

·         Players will only be allowed to play in a 2019 All Nations playing shirt.

·         Coaches will be given a list of eligible players (registered and paid).

·         The match will be forfeited if an illegal player plays.

·         Strictly no alcohol is allowed on the UEL Sportsdock premises.

·         If you need to smoke please go out of the front of the building.

·         Free parking is available on all 4 days. To gain access to the parking please mention that you are part of “All Nations Volleyball” at the barrier.

·         Matches must end at 19:30 and all participants must exit past the turnstiles by 20:00. Any overrun (i.e. at 20:01) will result in severe financial penalties for All Nations Volleyball of around £500 per hour.

·         Shirts will be distributed per team on Thursday 30th May (details TBC)

·         Live scores will be available throughout.

·         We will be using electronic scoring again, with a few tweaks.

·         Please share your photos on our media wall by tagging by using #AN19LDN. If we are not friends yet, simply add us, we are very friendly.  Follow us on Instagram to see more photos and videos. @allnationslondon

·         The All Nations party will be held at The Queen Head in Stratford, West Ham Lane (tickets on sale on the 1st June).

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