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New  All Nations Bridlington Beach 4's
4th July 2021




The All Nations Indoor tournament began in 2005, ahead of London being awarded the 2012 games and started with 170 participants from 24 nationalities.  The 2019 tournament had over 550 participants and 53 indoor teams. The tournament was created to embody the Olympic ideal, blending sport, culture, and education. As we start our 1st year of the event in Bridlington, we aim to promote peaceful competition in a friendly and fun environment, highlighting the cultural togetherness that is so evident in many parts of the country.  Moving to Bridlington we aim to create an event that captures the mix of communities in the area and provides a way of positively promoting the diversity of the region, demonstrating how sport can bring people together.

The underpinning focus of the tournament is to provide the opportunity to play in a competitive Volleyball environment that off the court raises awareness of culture and encourages friendship and togetherness.


Growing All Nations in Bridlington

All Nations comes to Bridlington for the first time in 2021.  All Nations indoors has been running successfully in London for 16 years and the London Beach pairs and 4's for 8 years.  It's now time to offer the format to those further afield.  

Bridlington was chosen because of the fantastic history of the Brid tournament and the experience of the tournament organisers.  

How does it work?

You enter as an individual and let us know who else is in your team and don't worry if you don't have a team, we will try to match you up with other players from your country of heritage.  

All of our tournaments are fun, friendly, and competitive and the off-court interaction is just as important to us as the volleyball.  

Who can play?

The tournament is aimed at adults, but if supervising adults are with older children this is fine, but note that there will be a Brid junior tournament running alongside the All Nations tournament.

We will provide playing shirts for all players in the tournament and seaside refreshments are available close by.

If you want more information contact




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