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VolleyFirst has been making a name for itself as one of the most innovative volleyball organisations in London. Our experienced coaches work in the community, our events engage and unite and our partnerships build lasting relationships.  Check out our calendar to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming games and events.

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The All Nations began in 2005, ahead of London being awarded the 2012 games. It was created to embody the Olympic ideal, blending sport, culture, and education. As we enter the 20th year of the event, we aim to promote peaceful competition in a friendly, fun environment, highlighting the cultural togetherness that is so evident in London. A tournament organising committee was formed that wanted to create an event that captured the eclectic mix of communities that can be found in London and provide a way of positively promoting the diversity of the city. The underpinning focus of the tournament is the opportunity to play in a competitive Volleyball environment that off the court raises awareness of culture and encourages friendship and togetherness.

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